EasyPay was founded in 2012 with an ambition to provide payment solutions for the local needs.
EasyPay enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage Direct Debit Bank Account and electronic transaction via websites through secure channels.
Brand essence is the foundation to build the company and communicate our values to both external and internal stakeholders and form the integral part of our business commitments. At all times, EasyPay will be:

1) Fair and trustworthy
2) Connected to the community
3) Local spirit with global confidence
4) Fast and accessible
5) Relevant

Bill Payment

Bill Payment function uses a transfer of credit from the Agent/Consumer account to the billing account of the Consumer on the billing platform. This can be used for multiple Operator’s Postpaid Billing as well as payments to external billing platforms such as Utility Companies. Bill payments can be processed in real-time using a direct connection to the billing platform or using the Callback API for Billing Aggregators. EasyPay bill payment can ready to use for YESB (Electric Bill) and YTP ADSL (Internet Bill). Electric Bill payment for upper Myanmar will be coming soon.

B2B Payment

Business to Business (B2B) Money Transfer allows for multiple business to business payment models. We support small business with the ability for collections to be made digitally for the delivery of goods to convenience type stores without the risk of theft. EasyPay also supports large business payments where each Bill Payment is credited to an actual Account where it can be used to perform other B2B type payments for such things as Salary. These features ensure a healthy self-sustaining ecosystem.

Airtime Topup

AirTime TopUp function is to deliver pin-less electronic top up system that provides real time recharge of prepaid mobile airtime without the issuance of any PINS. This module works for the traditional Agent initiated transaction where the payment is made on behalf of a Subscriber. We support the MFS-based scenario where the subscriber themselves recharges their own mobile account or that of another subscriber.


EasyPay Mobile Commerce function provides the ability for a Consumer to conduct commerce using only a mobile phone. We support multiple scenarios including Merchant or Consumer initiation with Consumer only authentication or dual party authentication. EasyPay Mobile App uses QR code for quick and seamless transaction processing.